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Author and educator, Jennifer Beland has 20 years of experience as an teacher and administrator of children with disabilities and within the mental health field. She holds a M.Ed Education  from Cambridge College and a B.S. in Psychology from Bridgewater State College. She has worked in both a school setting with students with disabilities, as well as within a private hospital setting.  She has also served as Fellow to the College of Education Teacher Preparation Advisory Board at University of Massachusetts, Lowell. 


Buster, the Delicate Doodle is the first of a picture book series to be used by counselors, parents, and teachers within a whole-classroom setting grades 2-5. Additional lessons are designed to integrate social emotional learning with Common Core ELA reading and writing standards.


‘’Buster the Delicate Doodle shows sensitive kids that their sensitivity is an asset to be valued and treasured not to be despised or rejected.  I hope every child who feels that their differences aren’t okay, will read or hear this book and have their lives transformed by it!’’

 Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D. 

Author:  You’re Smarter Than You Think:  A Kids’ Guide to Multiple Intelligences (Free Spirit)

Buster the Delicate Doodle will appeal to readers of all ages. It has an important message to help children and adults learn about appreciating differences in themselves and others.  Jennifer Beland takes ideas that may be overwhelming to children and addresses them through a lovely story with an engaging main character, the family golden-doodle.  

Throughout this wonderful book, the reader sees Buster work hard to overcome his challenges with the help of those around him. The vibrant and charming illustrations add to the reader’s engagement and enjoyment.  I believe the timeliness of the diversity theme, the appeal of the main character, and the lively pictures throughout make this a winning story for years to come.”

Dr. Phil Littlefield,Superintendent of Schools, SAU15, Hooksett, NH

About Buster Books



Buster, the Delicate Doodle is a heartwarming picture book about learning to accept yourself for all your eccentricities. Buster is a very special dog who gets easily irritated and nervous, but learns to grow and embrace these unique tendencies and provide support to those around him. This book is perfect for children struggling with learning disabilities, ADHD, anxiety, sensory processing, or social interactions. 


Recognizing Strengths

Buster provides a great example of how to recognize personal strengths and talents and how to use them to outweigh and better understand any personal challenges.



Identifying Emotions

 Buster books can be used in classroom settings, as part of a social emotional learning program (SEL) as a tool to begin discussions about student's strengths, emotional challenges, fears, and difficult topics.   It also serves to allow all of our "quirky", different, or anxious kiddos a chance to relate to the Buster's character discuss his feelings and emotions.

Under the Every Student Succeeds Act, Title I,  School Improvement Funds may be used. 

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